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P2S methodology spreads around UK

Thursday, February 15th, 2024

Posted in Uncategorized | Posted by Martin Graham

The methodology tested in Birmingham’s Permission to Smile campaign has been the bedrock of the subsequent ‘As One’ campaign, featuring Street Associations as the key ‘thing to do’, responding in particular to the pandemic. Starting in 2022, the campaign has spread from Dudley, where it started, to Birmingham, Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole, Hampshire, Walsall and Worcestershire.  Banners have gone up by the thousand, spreading an attractive message. 

Typically, participating neighbourhood organisations deliver an invitation letter to local streets using the well-known As One brand as a letterhead, saying ‘you’ve seen the banners; we thought we’d see what we can do to boost friendliness right here. Come to a tea party’.  They come!  14 As One events recently tracked in 2022/23 had an overall attendance of 439 members of the public, plus an estimated 170 volunteer team members. 39 Street Associations were started as a result, covering a total of about 3,136 homes and an estimated population of 10,000!


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