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Permission to Smile Sticker

Download your free sticker below:

Permission to Smile Banners

These are our current banner designs, as used all over Britian’s second city!

Revolution Banner
Melt The Ice Banner
Hello Banner

School resources

Here are three suggested school assembles to coincide with the Permission to Smile campaign, two for primary schools, kindly created by Mike Down and Jill Stolberg of the Diocese of Birmingham education team, and one for secondary schools, kindly created by Emma Butler of Nishkam High School.

Also available is the Permission to Smile song (Give Someone a Smile, by Sarah Baker), which has been sung by 60 primary schools in Birmingham. It’s a great song with a great message – see the video on the home page of this website, which displays the words to make it easy to sing along with.

Please feel free to download and use!

Pass on the Smile

Aims: To help children to think about how important it is to smile.

Being A Good Neighbour (Powerpoint)

Aims – To help pupils to think about what makes a good neighbour, and to encourage them to think about how they could be good neighbours.

Being A Good Neighbour

A powerpoint presentation on how to be a good neighbour. (KS1)

Why Community

A powerpoint about the Permission to Smile campaign. (Secondary school)


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