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Community is vitally important, especially right now!

The Problem:

Our society has been drifting into a ‘keep-yourself-to-yourself’ mentality. It was becoming hard even to say

Thinking of smiling or greeting?
  • Would they wonder what I want?
  • Or think I’m ‘one of those people’ they can’t get rid of?
  • Would I be ‘invading their private space?’

It all seemed too difficult, and so many of us tended to pass others by, head down, no eye contact. 

No ‘permission to smile’?

The Fall-Out:

Now, with Coronavirus, the problem has become even more critical. Just when we need vibrant, supportive communities, this is the danger:

  • Less neighbourly support for those who need it
  • An urgent need for help (e.g. with shopping for elderly people) unfulfilled
  • An ever-greater burden on an already-overstretched public sector
  • Less community spirit
  • More isolation
  • More loneliness
  • Less encouragement and belonging

How to fix this?

The Answer:

We need to make a change and that requires people power! Here’s how we can all take part:

  • Start smiling and greeting again, especially where we live (a smile gives new heart, not a virus!)
  • Take opportunities for simple friendliness (while obeying health guidelines)
  • Work with neighbours to support elderly people on your street.
  • Use those new links to start a Street Association when things get back to normal – details here
  • Support us on social media – help us get this message out!

Permission to Smile song, performed at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall as part of Youth Proms 2019 – delightful!

What we’re doing in Birmingham, plus a personal message from Sir Lenny Henry!

 Neighbourhood organizations

Neighbourhood organizations can also play a vital role as local catalysts – churches, community centres, schools

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